Damage Reporting Tool

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Supported Browsers for Laptop and Desktop Usage:
  • Internet Explorer
To create a Damage Report:
  1. Click Create Damage Report. Enter separate reports for unique damage.

  2. Fill in the basic Job information. Red asterisks (*) indicate required information. Click Next to continue or Clear to start over.

  3. Fill in the Member information. Clicking Start Over at any time will return you to the first screen. Your progress displays at the bottom of the screen.

  4. On the following screens enter the member’s Span, Lengths (for spans and overhangs), and Supports information. Please enter all spans for the member.

  5. On the Damage screen, select the type of damage you would like to enter. On the following screen, enter information about that damage, including measurements and notes. A grid is displayed showing all entered damage. Incorrectly entered damage may be deleted by clicking Delete. Additional damage may be entered by selecting another type of damage. When you have finished, click the Submit button.

  6. To submit another report click Damage Reporting Home.
Common Questions:
  • What do you mean by # of spans? These are the interior spans only and do not include overhangs.

  • What is Clearspan? The span between supports.

  • What do you mean by Out to Out? This is the clear span plus the support widths.

  • What do you mean by # Damaged? The number of members with the same damage. A multi-ply member counts as 1.

  • When entering the distance to center of damage, where should I take this measurement from? This dimension is from the left end of the member.

  • How do I know my report was received? You will receive a confirmation email from Weyerhaeuser's Wood Products Technical Support team.
The intent of this form is to collect facts about the actual damage to a member so that a repair solution can be formulated. This form is not meant for subjective or qualitative assessments of wrongdoing or product defect. Consult with legal counsel in matters where there is personal injury or a significant structural failure.
Damage Reporting Home
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